Zenzero & Limone Tea I.G.P.

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The Rocca Imperiale’s PGI lemon has been grown for over 500 years in the municipality from which it takes its name, in the province of Cosenza. This citrus fruit is grown in part under an integrated pest management regime, which does not involve the use of chemicals. The Rocca Imperiale’s PGI lemon harvest is manual. Once harvested, the fruits are left to rest for 3 or 4 days. The fruits are then washed and selected by hand to be subsequently peeled. The peeled lemons are squeezed and the juice is filtered and centrifuged to remove all the pulp.

The rocca Imperiale’S PGI lemon is recommended on “Slow Food Arca del Gusto”, a catalog of thousands of products at risk of extinction that belong to the culture and traditions of the whole world.


Water, agave syrup, infusion of black tea leaves 2%, Rocca Imperiale PGI lemon juice 2%, ginger infusion 1%, lemon infusion 1%, acid: citric acid.