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Scotch Bonnet chili powder - Capsicum Chinense dried cold 35°/38°C.

The scent of the Scotch Bonnet is clearly fruity and calls to mind that of yellow apples, cherries and the grassy touch of tomatoes. It’s particularly indicated to flavor dishes from the “Traditional Mediterranean Cuisine”, such as the classical Parmigiana, quiches and ravioli filled with vegetables. It pairs well even with red meats and fish soups, and it’s very captivating when matched with white truffle dishes and mild-seasoned cheeses.

If dosed appropriately, the outcome with chocolate sprinkles and other cocoa-based dishes is utterly delicious.

Peperita has decided to dedicate to all the chilli pepper lovers a dish inspired by her area: the Bibbonata, by creating an indissoluble bond between the Scotch Bonner and the aromas of the Mediterranean Sea such as garlic, oil, chilli pepper and roe. 


Generally, the Scotch Bonnet’s colouration varies from red to yellow when fully ripe. It’s also known as Boabs Bonnet, Scotty Bons, Bonney Pepper or Caribbean chilli pepper. In fact, it is usually cultivated in the Caribbean Isles, in Guyana, in the Maldives and in Western Africa. It’s also renowned for its resemblance to the Scottish beret “tam o’shanter”.

It’s level of spiciness is nothing like that of the extra-spicy chillies, but it’s still a significant amount, since it can reach 350K SHU.
Particular low temperature techniques of humidity extraction have been employed for the production of this powder, making it possible to keep unaltered the original scent of the chilli pepper.

Among many of the healthy micro elements of the Scotch Bonnet we can find: Vitamin A, which improves the condition of eyes, hair and skin; and Vitamin C, which not only stops the spread of free radicals, but is also useful and crucial in raising the barriers of our immune systems, thus lowering the risks of tumours by inhibiting the synthesis of carcinogenic substances. In addition, it’s scientifically proven that consuming chilli peppers at least 4 times a week halves the risk of cardiac arrest.

Scotch Bonnet powder.


Keep cool and away from light sources. Once opened, do not store it in the fridge.

Clear glass vial with silicone cap.

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