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Sea salt is considered a precious commodity for our tables. Its light compound and delicate taste make it unique and indispensable.

What is Salt Flower?
Salt Flower is a very valuable type of salt; it crystallizes through the evaporation of the mother water inside salt pans. Unlike salt, it forms on the surface of the water and not on the bottom.

Its natural composition makes it very light and allows it to float.
The Riserva del Mare corn salt is harvested by expert salt miners using special nets in the early morning hours in the absence of wind, to prevent it from precipitating to the bottom of the tank.

Its thickness is only 3 millimeters. Therefore, during the harvest, which takes place in July, production is very limited.
It is dried naturally to maintain its properties, such as iodine, magnesium, and other trace elements essential for the human organism.

Advantages of Salt Flower

It contains no additives and undergoes no chemical treatment. It is considered a very rare precious commodity. It has a delicate flavor that leaves no bitter aftertaste, so it is mainly used in gourmet kitchens.

It is also recommended for the preparation of desserts.

How can I use Salt Flower?
Salt Flower can be used in any recipe instead of traditional salt, it gives a much stronger taste than traditional salt.

Why should I prefer Salt Flower over traditional salt?
Salt Flower retains its properties thanks to its special manufacturing process, which is why you can use much less of it in cooking as it has a very high saltiness compared to refined salt.