Sage 10g

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Unmistakable aroma

Naturally dried Salvia officinalis*.

*from organic farming and Demeter certified

Natural wellbeing:
Among the Labiatae, Sage occupies a prominent position; on one hand, it has a close relationship with the element of warmth, which is expressed by its high content of ethereal oils, and on the other, it has robust, dry and wrinkled leaves. Sage tends to combat excessive sweating, and inflammation of the mouth and throat as well as having a warming effect on the digestive organs.

Ideal for flavoring: soups, fish.

Indications for use: Sprinkle a small amount as desired in all kinds of dishes. Ideal for fish dishes, roasts, soups, and all dishes to which you wish to give a strong note.

store in a cool, dry place away from heat sources.

The information given refers to the intrinsic properties of each ingredient and should not replace any medical treatment.