Penelope (black whole-grain rice) tube 500g

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Penelope is an aromatic black whole-grain rice, excellent for gourmet preparations. High in fiber, phosphorus, and a source of magnesium.
The presence of anthocyanins also has a health-promoting antioxidant effect.
Penelope Black Whole Grain Rice is the result of an accurate product selection process based on very high-quality parameters, the specific processing developed for this rice, and the careful storage that guarantee its excellent characteristics.
Penelope Nero Integrale rice is characterized by the content of anthocyanins, components with an antioxidant action beneficial to health. Penelope Whole Black Rice can boast nutritional claims such as high fiber and phosphorus content, a source of magnesium. In addition to its nutritional properties, Penelope Black Whole Grain Rice combines a refined taste and delicate fragrance that make it a valuable ally in the kitchen, allowing you to create simple and tasty dishes or gourmet preparations.