Lavander Infusion 20g

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With its floral aroma and delicate fragrance, it is ideal for restoring our well-being.


Lavender flowers*.

*from organic farming and Demeter certified

Natural wellbeing:
Lavender flowers have important sedative and balancing properties. Ideal for those suffering from stress and states of anxiety, or nervousness. It can also help children suffering from hyperactivity to rest well.

Ideal to accompany: desserts and fish.

Indications for use: Preparing a Lavender infusion is very simple, just steep 1 gram of dried flowers for every 150 ml of water for 5/7 minutes. You will obtain a drink with a very delicate floral flavour.

Three cups of herbal tea a day are recommended to best absorb its properties.

store in a cool, dry place away from heat sources.

The information given refers to the intrinsic properties of each ingredient and should not replace any medical treatment.