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Chilli Powder obtained solely by the Jalapeño variety of the Capsicum annuum cultivated in organic/biodynamic regime and dried at low temperatures.


The fresh fruit of the Jalapeño has floral and fruity hints of green apple and vegetable, typical of peppers. In particular, the unmistakable and characteristic intense green aroma of the Jalapeño is given by a multitude of volatile compounds among which one molecule in particular, 2-isobutyl-3-methoxy pyrazine, stands out.

The combinations in the kitchen are many. The first recipe that springs to mind is guacamole, where the jalapeño harmonises with avocado and coriander leaves. But this chilli finds its sensory accords from grilled pork chops to vegetable and legume soups, from gazpacho to fresh cheeses. A vinaigrette with Jalapeño goes well with any kind of 'pescado', including oysters.
The combination with chocolate and vanilla beans is also extraordinary. Chocolate, chilli and vanilla: three wonders of nature that the Aztecs already knew how to mix more than a thousand years ago!


The Jalapeño is probably the most famous chilli pepper in the world. Native to South America, it takes its name from Jalapa, which is the capital city of the state of Veracruz in southern Mexico, in the middle of the former territory of the Aztecs.

The Jalapeño variety belongs to the Capsicum annuum species. The fruit is 4 to 10 cm long and can be eaten when it is still green or when it reaches full ripeness and turns bright red. Its degree of hotness can start at 4,000 and go up to 10,000 SHU.

During the production process of this powder, special cold moisture extraction techniques were used, allowing the chilli's characteristic aromas to be preserved as much as possible.

Jalapeño contains Vitamin A, which helps to keep the eyes, hair and skin healthy. Above all, it contains Vitamin C, which not only stops the spread of free radicals, but is useful and necessary to strengthen the immune system's barriers, lowering the risk of cancer by inhibiting the synthesis of carcinogenic substances. Furthermore, recent studies scientifically confirm that using chilli peppers in our diet at least four times a week halves the risk of heart attack.

Jalapeño chilli peppers.


Keep cool and away from light sources. Once opened, do not store it in the fridge.

Clear glass vial with silicone cap.

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