i Fioriti 9 - Carnaroli rice with Asparagus

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Flower risottos are a real treat for the palate and the eyes.

In order to preserve their rich organoleptic properties, the flowers and other vegetable ingredients present are not dried, but freeze-dried: this is an excellent guarantee for the genuineness and yield of the product.

The recipes for these tasty, refined, colorful, easy, and quick-to-prepare risottos have been personally developed by Federica Rosso, who has selected the best classic ingredients, such as porcini mushrooms, in combination with unusual products, such as sunflower petals, pepper leaves or celery.


Carnaroli rice 94%, asparagus 4%, shallots 1,5% and vanilla 0,1%

Allergens: It may contain traces of wild celery.

The herbs, flowers, and vegetables are freeze-dried. They are grown or selected from Naturalia. It may contain traces of wild celery.

Nutrizional information for 100 g

Energy 354 Kcal
Proteins 7,5 g
Lipids 1,20 g
Carboidrates 76,4 g
Fibres 1,20 g
Sodium < 0,1 mg