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Habanero Chocolate chili powder - Capsicum Chinense dried cold 35°/38°C

The Habanero Chocolate has a vegetal taste with aromatic notes of toasted bread, sea salt, olives and mahogany wood. Although it belongs to the Habanero family, it’s not incredibly spicy (350.000 SHU), it’s particularly good for enhancing the taste of the ingredients it’s combined with.
It can be paired with many recipes. Especially tomato and seafood soups, vegetable flan, ribollita (a Tuscan dish made with beans and black cabbage), carbonara, minced meats, pigeon and grilled vegetables. Due to the name, we couldn’t leave chocolate out of the list: a Sacher tart sprinkled with Habanero chocolate powder is a must!

This variety of Habanero (Capsicum chinense) is called “Chocolate” because of the colour of the fruit, which becomes dark brown when ripe. The origin of this chili pepper is Jamaican and it’s also known as Black Congo. When climatic conditions are favourable, the plant can reach 2m of height. The fruits are shaped like lanterns and they are 4-6cm long and 2,5-5cm wide. They mature slower than regular chili peppers.

Particular low temperature techniques of humidity extraction have been employed for the production of this powder, making it possible to keep unaltered the original scent of the chilli pepper.

Among many of the healthy micro elements of the Habanero Chocolate we can find: Vitamin A, which improves the condition of eyes, hair and skin; and Vitamin C, which not only stops the spread of free radicals, but is also useful and crucial in raising the barriers of our immune systems, thus lowering the risks of tumours by inhibiting the synthesis of carcinogenic substances. In addition, it’s scientifically proven that consuming chilli peppers at least 4 times a week halves the risk of cardiac arrest.

Habanero Chocolate powder.


Keep cool and away from light sources. Once opened, do not store it in the fridge.

Clear glass vial with silicone cap.

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