Gigante di Vercelli Slow Food Presidium tube 500g

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Gigante Vercelli is a large-grain rice of unique quality for the preparation of extraordinary risottos. Appreciated for its exceptional "mantecatura" (ending the cooking of the risotto with butter).
The Gigante Vercelli rice is an ancient variety that Ideariso has recovered in purity and brought back to cultivation and of which, by order of the Ministry of Agriculture, it is responsible for preserving as a historical variety.
Its low yields, organoleptic characteristics, and natural resistance to disease (an absolute peculiarity) are the characteristics that in ancient times had this variety selected for an excellent and healthy product. These elements still make it a unique rice in the preparation of risottos.
The large grains remain separate at the end of cooking while still giving the risotto itself a fine "mantecatura".
The Gigante Vercelli is grown in the most suitable fields for the variety among those of Ideariso, all located in the province of Vercelli, and no fungicides are used for its cultivation. Processing is carried out in a high-quality plant, with low volumes of rice husked per day, and the result is a perfect grain. is a perfect grain.
It has been a great satisfaction for Ideariso to see its commitment and tenacity in the rediscovery of this ancient and extraordinary variety recognized, obtaining in 2018 the PRESIDIO SLOW FOOD recognition.