Earl Grey and Bergamotto Tea

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Bergamot (Citrus Bergàmia) is a citrus fruit like an orange, but with a color that changes from green to yellow depending on its degree of ripeness. The cultivation of bergamot does not provide for the use of weeding or phytosanitary treatments, and in case of need only products allowed. The bergamot harvest is manual. The peeled bergamots are finally squeezed and their juice is filtered and centrifuged to remove all the pulp.

The Bergamot is recommended on “Slow Food Arca del Gusto”, a catalog of thousands of products at risk of extinction that belong to the culture and traditions of the whole world.


Water, agave syrup, infusion of black tea leaves 2%, bergamot juice 2%, bergamot infusion 0,1%, acid: citric acid; bergamot essential oil 0,01%.