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Cucunci di Salina, salted, in 200g packets, grown by the Lorenzo Mirabito farm organically, in open fields and without the use of chemicals.

Cucunci are the fruits of the caper plant; they have a fleshy pulp and a pleasant crunchiness due to the presence, inside, of small seeds that develop from the flowering of the caper plant until it ripens.

Those from the island of Salina are native cucunci, unique and different in texture, fragrance, taste, size and pulp both from those cultivated on the other Aeolian islands and from those grown on the other islands of Sicily.

They have a tapered shape resembling a gherkin, are deep green in colour and are characterised by their firmness, fragrance and uniformity.

Cucunci have a pleasant, pungent flavour and a distinctive, penetrating aroma and are very suitable both as a snack, for an aperitif, and in other preparations: in combination with eggs, to add flavour to salads, meat and fish, to create sauces and in fried dishes.

Before use, cucunci di Salina should be rinsed under a stream of fresh running water to remove the preserving salt.

The cucunci of Salina that fall under the DOP Cucunci delle Isole Eolie and are cultivated by the Lorenzo Mirabito farm, the only farm in Salina registered for the P.D.O., are considered the best cucunci because the characteristics of the soil and climate of this island are particularly suitable for this cultivation.

Cucunci, sea salt.