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Cayenne, already known to the Mayans and Aztecs and being one of the first to be widespread since the discovery of the Americas, is considered one of the most popular peppers in the world. It belongs to the Capsicum annuum species and is native to French Guiana from whose capital, Cayenne, it takes its name: “Cayenne pepper”. The fruit has a captivating bright ruby-red color. The berry is thin, between 8 cm and 10 cm long. It usually has an elongated shape, but it is not uncommon to find curled fruits.
Its degree of spiciness can start from 10,000 up to 30,000 SHU
During the production process of this powder, particular techniques of cold humidity extraction were adopted, allowing to keep the characteristic aromas of chili pepper as unaltered as possible.
Cayenne contains Vitamin A which helps keep eyes, hair, and skin in perfect health, and above all contains Vitamin C, which not only stops the spread of free radicals but is useful and necessary to strengthen the immune system's barriers. , lowering the risk of cancer by inhibiting the synthesis of carcinogens. Furthermore, recent studies scientifically confirm that using chili peppers in our diet at least 4 times a week halves the risk of a heart attack.

The fresh fruit has the typical scent of raw pepper, typically herbaceous and slightly citrusy with reminiscences of tomato. Frequent in Cajun cuisine, born in the USA from different culinary cultures, it adapts to all types of red meat and game. In Louisiana, in particular, jambalaya is prepared, a dish based on meat and vegetables of Provençal origin with Spanish and African influences. It is used for red sauces, to add spiciness to peperonata, in vinaigrettes, in tomato sauces for pasta, in fish soups, in marinated chicken as well as on pizza.

Chilli and garlic sauce.
It does not contain aromas.

Organic/biodynamic capsicum annuum chilies, sea salt, organic apple vinegar, organic garlic.


Once opened, it can be kept in the fridge.

Glass bottle with food grade plastic screw cap.

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