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These are Salina capers, salted, in 200g packets, grown organically by the Lorenzo Mirabito farm, in open fields and without the use of chemicals.

The Salina caper is considered the best of the capers because, thanks to the local microclimate and the specific composition of the soil, it gives a compact and fleshy bud, crunchy but not fibrous, savoury but not salty, with intense aromas and flavours. Its quality has been recognised and has earned the Aeolian Islands Caper PDO.

Capers are the floral button (before it turns into a flower) of the caper plant, a particularly tenacious shrub, capable of growing on arid land with a torrid climate, typical of the southernmost areas of the Mediterranean.
The Salina Island caper plant, also called Salina orchid, has fleshy leaves of an intense green colour and flowers that are unmistakable for their white and pink colouring with small purple highlights.

After harvesting and the necessary processing, the capers are sorted according to their diameter and divided into three categories: small, 6 to 9 mm in diameter, medium, 9 to 12 mm in diameter and large, greater than 12 mm in diameter.

Regardless of size, salina capers can add character to any dish and add flavour to any preparation in a natural way.

They go perfectly with salads, and sauces, but also with main courses of meat or fish, are a must in pizza and should be tried with ice cream or sorbet.

Before use, Salina capers should be rinsed under a stream of fresh running water to remove the preserving salt.

The capers on offer are grown and processed by the Lorenzo Mirabito farm, the only company in Salina that is part of the Aeolian Islands Capers DOP.

Salina capers, sea salt.