About Us

About Us

 Cibum is the place where you can find the best Italian food in Switzerland.

Our dream started many years ago with the idea to bring what Italy has best to offer in Switzerland. We had many concepts, but we were sure that we did not want to be a regular shop or restaurant: we wanted to be something unique!

 We are just starting with an online store and the Boutique in Oerlikon, but we will be much more!

Imagine a place where you can do your grocery, enjoy a quick lunch and after work relax with an Italian aperitivo. We can already see your happy faces, but you have to be a bit more patient, like we are trying to be.

We offer you all the best Italian products. You will see that our shop we will continue to grow with deliciousness from all over Italy every single day!

We also offer something that it is not Italian but we do love, Antonius Caviar. It is a Polish caviar that is produced with our core values: in a natural enviroment, next to a National Park in the north-east of Poland, with no chemicals and with the expectation of the most delicious caviar in commerce.

All our products followed a very strict selection, in order to offer you only what you will truly appreciate. We are constantly looking for small producers that are passionate about what they do and that always aim for excellency.

Like Spumante Ciatò, a small winery from North of Puglia that produces spumante from Nero di Troia's grape, never done before in the history of spumante.

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