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The history of Babbi is the history of a family.

In the very heart of Romagna, an Italian region rich in tradition and in gastronomic culture, Attilio Babbi founded the Babbi Confectionery Industry for the production of cones, wafers, and ingredients for Gelato makers in 1952.

Thanks to the genuine raw materials and the freshness of the ingredients, Babbi soon became a pillar in the Gelato Industry.

Babbi Confectionary Specialties production began a few years later when Attilio Babbi smartly decided to create another line of products during the winter season when the Gelato machines slow down.

Attilio immediately understood that the right placement for these Specialties was far from the mass-market products; he indeed devoted his firm to the creation of “unique and quality Confectionery Specialties”, produced with noble, genuine, and refined raw materials through a long, accurate, and artisan process.

This is how Viennesi and Waferini were born and are today well-known and truly appreciated all over the world.

After many years of experience in this sector, in the late 1940s, he started producing ingredients for Gelato in the very heart of Cesena. His goal was to make the summer walks down the Romagna’s streets more pleasing for everyone. In 1952 he then finally founded the Babbi Confectionary Industry for the production of cones, wafers, and ingredients for Gelato Makers.

Later on, Attilio was joined in the conduction of the firm by his son Giulio, who expanded Babbi’s business net beyond the Romagna boundaries. The start-up of the new unit of the firm dedicated to the production of Gelato and superb desserts was then carried on by Giulio’s sons: Gianni, Carlo, and Piero. Thanks to them and to the exclusivity and originality of its products, Babbi was awarded the title of “the Legend of the Gelato Italian-style”.

Babbi's Philosophy

Since 1952, who chooses Babbi confectionary specialties chooses the quality of its raw materials, chosen to enjoy a wide range of products and every-occasion-packagings, and chooses to enjoy pleasure and a sweet emotion with no equal.

Our philosophy has always led us to keep on looking for the right balance between raw materials, recipes, and procedures. Thanks to them and to our continuous effort to forge the perfection, our products are real masterpieces of taste. All our Specialties are the result of a long experience, a love for tradition, and a great passion for confectionary art. That’s the secret beyond the magic taste of our products.