Tre Rii

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On the slopes of Mount Montagnana, in the municipality of Calestano, at 1000 meters above sea level, Filippo's family has for generations owned a farm of about 80 hectares called Casarola.

It essentially consists of coppice woodland, 6 hectares of meadow, and a beautiful farmhouse with a freshwater spring. To reach it, you have to drive 7 km along a dirt road.

As on all mountain farms, in the middle of the meadows are some fruit trees that once supplemented the income and provided shelter from the sun during summer mowing.

Those apple trees, now hundreds of years old, and which have never seen any chemical preparations, are harvested and the apples pressed for the production of cider.

In fact, since there were no grapes available due to the altitude and economic constraints, until the 1950s it was customary in all the high valleys of Emilia to make "al ven ed pom" (the wine from the apples).

After a few years of making his own "wine", he decided to give it a try, so, using all his savings, he bought an old tower house dating back to 1694 in the locality of Tre Rii in the municipality of Corniglio and here he started my farm.

In the old barn and hayloft, he has created a warehouse and a cellar for producing cider, in the garden he has planted some pink apple trees and positioned the beehives for honey and mead.

This is the Tre Rii farm.