Riserva del Mare - Saline Culcasi

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We work the salt with respect for nature and tradition. With rigour, without forcing or excesses. This is how true food excellence is born.

For more than 100 years, Riserva del Mare has been producing and marketing the artisanal sea salt of Trapani, the most important distinguishing feature of this area of Western Sicily, the identity pivot that has always unquestionably characterized it. The Culcasi family is the family of salt: for four generations it has been committed to keeping alive this production tradition.
It all began with the purchase of a salt mine damaged by a flood, then recovered, refurbished, and then embellished with taste and strategy. It was the 1960s and the salt pans were flooded by the mud generated by the incessant rains, then became practically unfit for use. The Culcasi family believed in this intrepid gamble, saving the salt pans from certain destruction. Time has proved them right.