Pasta d'Alba

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Pasta d'Alba was born in the heart of the Langhe, thanks to an intuition of its founder Dario Mainardi and his wife Rosangela, a naturopath: to give life to a family-run organic artisan pasta factory where quality, tradition and innovation meet.

Pasta d'Alba is an artisan pasta factory with ICEA Organic Certification since 2006
We believe

They believe that product quality begins with the selection of raw materials.
This has always been their strong point: they work with fresh, often stone-ground flours from certified organic farming, sometimes biodynamic, including Italian grains, wholemeal flours, ancient cereals, gluten-free flours and 100% pulses.
In their workshop, noodles and tagliatelle are nested by hand, according to tradition. Short pasta such as penne, fusilli, macaroni is bronze drawn, giving it the perfect roughness typical of handmade products, making it perfect for picking up sauces.
Next, the pasta is slowly dried at low temperatures for at least twenty hours.
Drying is the fundamental process for the preservation of their products, and the slow, low-temperature process allows them to best preserve and conserve the taste and quality of the raw materials. The result is a healthy and tasty product.

Even the packaging is not left to chance: essential packaging inside a transparent bag lets the product do the talking, while at the same time preserving its freshness.

The constant search for fresh, quality raw material and, consequently, the excellence of their products, are what sets them apart.