Nesler CibOfficina

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Live food, unpasteurised, obtained by fermenting carefully chosen raw materials.

Miso, and Shoyu, a valid alternative to soy sauce: Nesler's products are not just condiments, but real, live fermented foods, born from the transformation of excellent raw materials with ancient methods, filtered by modern knowledge and experience, to create gourmet dishes to be enjoyed every day, good and that make you feel good.

Culinary experimentation and the continuous refinement of fermentation processes allow him to propose absolute gastronomic novelties, together with traditional fermented foods revisited in a local and contemporary key: thus, all the gustatory and microbiological advantages of fermented, unpasteurized foods are guaranteed.

The company was founded in 2016 as Carlo Nesler's CibOfficina: they immediately started producing fermented foods such as miso, fermented vegetables, kombucha and chickpea shoyu, an alternative to traditional soy sauce. At the end of 2019, Paolo Casadio joins the team, who assists Carlo in the administration of the company, which is transformed into a simple agricultural company under the name Nesler.

Gradually, the processing methods were refined and improved, and new fermented flavourings began to be produced: to this day, they still carry out an ongoing programme of experimentation and research.