Mio Padre è un Albero

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This is the story of Lidia, the daughter of a farmer from Puglia.

Lidia was born in Lucera and grew up in San Severo, the the heart of the Daunia and Gargano, Puglia.
Her father was a farmer, her mother a housewife first, a farmer later when she was left alone to look after the farm and hers daughters. With her was Aunt Lidia, her second mother: two exceptional women from whom she learned the strength of cooperation and courage.
With a degree in economics and a master's degree in business creation, she developed the desire for a company of my own where she could put my studies into practice, combined with that passion for the countryside passed on by her father in his absence.
Picking up the family legacy by dedicating her body and soul to the production of extra virgin olive oil seemed the most natural thing to do. Doing it with professionalism, and achieving very important goals in her life as a farmer, is what sets her apart and gratifies her.

For many years they have been 700 proud witnesses of the 100-year history of the Antonacci farm. A feminine history since the beginning when in the 19th century, Lidia's great-grandmother, Vincenza, stubbornly claimed sole ownership of the Sant'Andrea olive grove in the San Severo countryside.
For centuries, they have been 700 trees, the only inhabitants of this estate, which has among its jewels the cultivation of olives of the Peranzana cultivar, the variety of French origin that has found its ideal habitat in the Alto Tavoliere delle Puglie for centuries. For a long time, they were 700 trees composed and still, almost as if proudly protecting what remains of an ancient fortified farmhouse typical of Daunia.
Today they are Mio Padre è un Albero: a journey through time, a return to our origins, to the land, to Puglia. At the beginning of the story, they were 700 olive trees but now we are and will be many more!