Il Nido del Pettirosso

"Il Nido del Pettirosso" is a small agri-food company located in Ferrazzano, Molise, surrounded by unspoilt green land.

On the premises, which for many years was a country house, they now prepare preserves.
Their working philosophy leads them to choose only local fruit and vegetables, taking into account traceability, which has become a guarantee of quality.
The selection of suppliers, in strict compliance with the short supply chain, takes place with the scrupulous choice of local farms that produce quality products while respecting the environment.
Every product that arrives at the workshop is meticulously selected by hand, one by one, with attention and care that cannot be replicated by any machine.
All their items are produced and preserved in the traditional way.
All their recipes are those of the Molise tradition with a pinch of novelty that gives the product an added value of novelty and curiosity, all reproduced with the same love and passion that I use in their home kitchen.
Their production process combined with the selection of raw materials allows them to obtain a product with a unique taste, of the highest quality, without the slightest trace of additives, preservatives or colouring agents. The entire production follows the seasonality of the raw materials and processing takes place within 24 hours of harvesting.
In September 2019, following their desire to submit and compare some of their products to a judgement of experts in the sector, they decided to send some of their creations to an international competition 'International taste awards' competing with 650 other products from 32 countries around the world.

In January 2020, to their great satisfaction, they were awarded a silver medal and a bronze medal for two products. They also received with 'Onion and Brandy Cream' the Grand Jury Prize as the best product presented in the competition in the vegetarian and vegan cream category.