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It all started way back in the 1980s, when Salvatore Noto, a young, enterprising sixteen-year-old boy determined to achieve his goals, began to develop a passion for growing an extraordinary vegetable: the Giarratana onion. After a few years of sacrifices and hard work, thanks to his own savings he managed to buy his first van with which he began to sell and make the onion known in neighboring villages. He was not yet aware that this would create the foundations of the FAGONE company. With the passing of time, the Giarratana onion began to be more and more in demand on the market, so in 2006 Salvatore decided to start processing the Giarratana onion, creating the first line of preserves and managing to pass on the same passion to his children. From here on, thanks to the experience of the father and the creativity of the sons, the company began to expand and make its products known nationwide.

The Giarratana onion, a unique and special vegetable of considerable size, is a 'Slow Food Presidium', and the whole process is done manually. Sowing starts at the end of October and transplanting in February - March. Harvesting begins in early July and ends in late September. During this period, the company carries out shipments throughout Italy, carefully selecting the product to ensure its quality. A protagonist of many recipes, the Giarratana onion is excellent eaten baked, boiled, raw in salads, on pizza, or as a side dish.