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The Coppa Rossa cooperative is a newly established company, but with very deep roots.

It is the passion for the land, for the territory, for ancient art, handed down from father to son, that unites them, that has given them the strength to believe and carry out their project together; the awareness that what is produced with love and wisdom always bears good fruit, pushes Carla, Antonella, Giuseppe and Giuseppina, every day towards new challenges and new goals.

Anyone arriving for the first time on the Gargano, driving along the SS16 from Poggio Imperiale, is enchanted by the landscape that suddenly appears before their eyes: Lake Lesina, Lake Varano, with its plain, the light green slopes of the promontory, green with Mediterranean scrub, which suddenly gives way to an endless expanse of olive trees.
When your gaze wanders to any point and finds nothing but the beautiful green of the olive groves, you realize you have arrived in the territory of Carpino, a small town in the Gargano hinterland, which rises at the foot of, and seems almost to embrace, the small hill called "Pastromiele".

Coppa Rossa is located in this small village in the Gargano, an area unique for its beauty. A promontory, difficult to cultivate, shaped, and adapted by man over the centuries, but which gives unique products in terms of flavor and aroma.
The sea, the moths, the beaches, the lakes, the forests, this alternation of different colors and landscapes.

Landscapes are almost drawn as beautiful as they are, and environments that are still uncontaminated.