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Ciatò is deep-rooted in passion and love for wine lavished and passed down through the generations by my father, Vincenzo Nota, also known as Cocciatosta.

A humble and tireless man, lover of the flavor and authenticity of his land.

With his hand he harvested those black pearls which he had treated and seen growing; with the same devotion, he pressed and worked them until they turned in that nectar which, with the blood, he made it flow in his descendants' veins.

The classic method they use for their sparkling wine is made of memories of familiar gestures and habits which had guided Luigi Nota's life.

This is where the Ciatò's cellars were born, from a process of innovation in the tradition, experimenting the production of an homemade sparkling wine from the Nero di Troia's grape.

Melding until sublimating in a delicate harmony, the mytholigical memory of Diomedeo vine with the audacious intuition of who has always loved and been passioned about wine.