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From the middle of a small valley, at a height of 284 meters above sea level, the municipality of Castelluccio dei Sauri stands astride a hill.
Here, Carpinone Pasquale founded the farm in 1987, extending over an area of 8 hectares, 4 of which are covered by greenhouses.
After much commitment, sacrifice, and with the valuable support of his wife, the company has grown to establish itself in the nursery sector for the production of vegetable species.
Today, from the experience and professionalism gained over many years of work, combined with the continuous search for innovation and the achievement of targeted studies in the sector by their children, the company "Vivaio Carpinone s.r.l. Agricola" was born.

The climate, which is very hot in the summer and quite harsh in the winter, together with the fertility of the soil, favour the cultivation and development of most of the horticultural and tree species typical of the area.
On the slopes of the hill, numerous olive plantations extend, characterizing the typical landscape of the area and producing a well-appreciated and sought-after oil.