Alpe Pragas

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Stefan Gruber, founder of ALPE PRAGAS. Much more than an entrepreneur. A dreamer. "It is our responsibility to treat with respect the resources we have been given, such as water, energy, air and soil, with the intention of preserving the world as it is for future generations."
Alpe Pragas not only intends to be a company immersed in nature but also wants to produce with the utmost respect for the environment.
This is their vision: to make Alpe Pragas an ECO-SUSTAINABLE company!
What does this mean? The goal is to achieve completely CO2-neutral production. Of course, this cannot be done overnight, but with a series of concrete actions, ALPE PRAGAS ECO-MANUFACTORY will be created by 2027.
TIME - a crucial factor for quality products. Because only when fruits are given the right amount of time to ripen do they develop their full flavour. This is crucial for us at ALPE PRAGAS. For the berries growing in their fields and the fruit supplied by their partners, the best quality is the number one criterion.
THE PEOPLE - The success of a company is the passion of the people who work there. That is why ALPE PRAGAS is so proud of its fruit experts, who work side by side, always keeping an eye on precision and quality. Only in this way can we achieve exclusive 'Fruit Delights'.
FRUIT - carefully picked, washed and selected ... all by hand. And so, only the best fruit ends up in the pot. Nothing escapes the watchful eyes of the ALPE PRAGAS employees. Using fruits of the best quality is a prerequisite for an excellent end product.
END PRODUCT - ALPE PRAGAS, moments of pure ecstasy for the palate. Because top quality guarantees products without artificial additives, flavourings, colourings and preservatives, raw materials of the best quality and gentle, innovative processing.