The Italian Flavor

The Italian flavour

Why everyone loves the Italian cuisine so much? Why do they go crazy on pizza and pasta? The answer is really easy: the Italian food is simple and tasty!

In this blog you will find different recipes that you can easily make at home yourself and enjoy your favorite Italian dishes, but I will also tell you a big secret: in order to have an amazing result, you need to use the best quality ever!

I will also tell you the secret on how to choose the best products and will tell you the story behind each products and producers that we sell here.

That's how Cibum was born, with the desire to bring to your table, the authenticity of the Italian food.

But what is exactly the Italian flavor? Or why Italians are so proud of their culture and cuisine?

Let's start from the beginning...even if the first civilization were born in the middle east, it was thanks to the Roman that the "Italian" culture was spread around. The Roman made a distintion between negotium and otium. The first one are all the activities that we do during the day that we have to, like working or other activities that were good for the communities, while the otium is everything else, like enjoying life. And what is the best way to enjoy life if not by eating delicious food? 

The Italian cuisine was influenced by many cultures, in fact in Italy every regions have their speciality, which is influenced by the different cultures that lived in that territory.

In Sicily, in particular in Trapani's area, the local dish is the cous cous, which we normally find in the Arab cuisine. While if we move to the north of Italy, we find many dishes that have a Germanic influence.

But what about nowadays? Whenever I introduced myself as Italian, the first respose that I have is always about food. People love Italian cuisine, and maybe that's why there are so many Italian restaurants abroad. Some are truly authentic, other...well let's leave it there.

Italy has one of the widest recipes collection of food and wine and they truly knows how to enjoy life. Each family has their own food traditions, and food is what brings us together as a family.