It's Bruschetta Time!

I'm going to be truly honest here, there is no better dish to prepare than the bruschetta. It is simple, easy, you can do it as you like with what you like and it will always taste amazing. In my town the bruschetta is a traditional dish, a dish of...

Sugo al pomodorino fresco

Whenever we think about Italian cuisine, the tomato is always there, reminding us of the importance it has in our culture. We are proposing to you our family recipe of Sugo al Pomodorino (tomato sauce). We recommend this one to eat with pasta, or maybe to use it on top of a schnitzel with some cheese and then grill everything for a couple of minutes in the oven. With this base sauce, you can create all the sauces you want! Be creative and add whichever vegetable you like. The possibilities are endless!